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Facilities Engineering is comprised of design professionals responsible for providing Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural Engineering services for the University’s capital improvement projects. We strive to demonstrate our core values on every project.

Core Values

ensure high technical standards
use all resources wisely
engage the campus and the community


  • Review and inspect all designs and construction of engineered systems on projects to ensure they comply with NC Building Codes and conform to university standards.
  • Assist in troubleshooting building systems with Building Services.
  • Work closely with Facilities Planning and Design and Facilities Construction Management to ensure engineering needs are met during project design and construction.


  • Provide design services for informal projects (Electrical, Mechanical, Structural)
  • Provide project management for engineering-led projects
  • Write campus engineering Design Guidelines
  • Perform design reviews and site inspections
  • Provide initial scoping reports for new projects
  • In general, serve as in-house consultants to the campus community

Design Guidelines

All University projects, formal and informal, must comply with the Design Guidelines. These requirements are in addition to the Building Code and State Construction Office requirements, and they include construction issues as well as design considerations. The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to ensure our projects meet the specific needs of our many stakeholders and to provide the functions, flexibility, maintenance access, and safety the campus demands.


Joe Magura
Director, Facilities Engineering
Phone: 919-904-0075