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Bell Tower Fall Protection

View of the Bell Tower spiral staircase and safety railing

A key goal of this project was to improve the safety of graduating UNC students as they make their traditional Senior Walk up the historic tower by improving the existing steel railings. Additionally, floor hatches, ladders, fall protection anchor points and horizontal lines are being installed to protect our maintenance workers. Every decision made by the designers, contractors, and UNC project team was made with respect for the historic significance of the structure which was built in 1931.

Davis Library Chilled Water Coil Replacement

Davis Library Chilled Water CoilThis project replaced the central air system cooling coils that were original to the building when it was built in 1978. Six banks of coils with a capacity of 1.4 Million BTU’s each for a total capacity of 8 Million BTU’s of cooling and 318,000 CFM of airflow at maximum capacity were replaced.

Craige Parking Deck Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Craige Deck Charging StationThis project was funded by the student group, RESPC (Renewable Energy Special Project Committee) and was managed by UNC Facilities. The dual station allows two vehicles to charge simultaneously.