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Construction Phase

  • UNC Construction Management will be the principle contact with the Department of Public Safety for all construction related activities affecting public pedestrian ways, streets and traffic control.
  • All construction events that affect public streets, traffic flow and pedestrian flow will be scheduled with the DPS representative 10 working days in advance of the activity.
  • DPS will coordinate the event with all appropriate Town of Chapel Hill and County departments, Transportation, Emergency Management, etc. including reviews of the traffic control plan, scheduling requirements and other special requirements.
  • Any design related issues that come out of the DPS coordination efforts with the TCH or elsewhere will be referred back to the UNC Construction Manager to resolve.
  • Emergency Contact – Prior to the beginning of the construction activity the UNC Construction Manager will direct the contractor that if an emergency occurs during the construction activity the contractor will immediately call Emergency Dispatch at the Department of Public Safety (919-962-8100) and the UNC Construction Manager. An emergency will be any event that affects public safety, unplanned utility interruption, traffic or pedestrian control, etc. The contractor will provide both contacts with the nature of the emergency, the immediate effects of the emergency or unforeseen event and any mitigating activities he is taking.

Planning/Design Phase

The Department of Public Safety and Construction Management will ensure during the design review phase that their review comments direct the designer through Facilities Planning to review the final traffic control plan with the Town of Chapel Hill Engineering Department and obtain TCH final approval of the plan prior to bidding and award of contracts. This review and approval is not to be confused with the review with the Town of Chapel Hill Planning Department which is zoning compliance permitting. All details of the TCP and scheduling requirements are to be included in the contract so that there will not be a need to redesign the TCP after contracts are signed.