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Campus Customers

How do I initiate a new project?
  • If you need routine maintenance or special repairs to an existing space, submit a repair request.
  • If you would like to renovate an existing space or build something new, submit a project request.
  • If you’re not sure, submit your best guess and our Work Management team will direct the request appropriately.
How can I find a status on my open Work Order?
We are actively working toward providing customers the ability to track the status of their open work orders online through our AiM portal. Until that feature is available, your best bet for an accurate status is to contact the Project Manager, or if construction is underway, the Construction Manager, directly. If you do not yet know who the PM or CM is, please direct your inquiry as follows:

  • For maintenance work, contact Todd Going, Director of Building Services.
  • For construction work, contact Ken Vogel, Director of Construction Services.
  • For architectural renovations, contact Evan Yassky, Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Design.
  • For engineering-led projects, contact Wendie Morris, Business Coordinator for Engineering Services


How do I get on the UNC-Chapel Hill Contractors List?
We reevaluated our Contractors List in Spring 2016. Please refer to our Informal Contracting Guidelines for more information about the next opportunity to apply.
What is UNC-Chapel Hill’s HUB plan?
In general, UNC-Chapel Hill follows the State’s Owner requirements as described in Section C.3. UNC-Chapel Hill has elected to competitively bid all projects whenever possible, though in special circumstances, we reserve the right to deliver projects in the best interest of the University within State requirements. We strongly recommend you contact UNC’s HUB Coordinator at 919-843-3241 with any questions, large or small. They are involved with all construction contracts, and will be happy to assist.


How does designer selection work?
  • For “Informal” projects with total project cost less than $300,000, UNC-Chapel Hill will direct-select a designer based on their experience and qualifications.
  • For “Informal” projects with total project cost $300,000-$500,000, UNC-Chapel Hill will recommend a direct-selected designer to the Board of Governors for approval.
  • For “Formal” projects with total project cost greater than $500,000, the project Request for Qualifications is publicly advertised, designers are short-listed based on their qualification submittals, interviews are conducted, and the UNC-Chapel Hill Interviewing Committee makes their recommendation to the Board of Trustees for approval.
How does the Open-Ended Designers Agreement (OEDA) process work?
All 2015-2016 OEDA contracts have been extended to December 31, 2016. We will advertise for new OEDA applications Fall 2016 and will post instructions for application on this page.
How do I get a ProjNet/DrChecks account?
ProjNet/DrChecks is the software program that we use for UNC-Chapel Hill stakeholders and designers to post design review comments, responses, and backchecks.

If your company already has one person with a ProjNet account, your company can add new users on your own by contacting ProjNet directly at or 800-428-HELP (4357).

If your company is new to ProjNet, please contact our Engineering Information Systems Director, Abbas Piran, at 919-843-3617 to set up an account.

Where do I send invoices?
It is most efficient for you to submit invoices to our Business Coordinator, Cody Pace, at 919-843-3617. Please always include the Facilities Services Project (FSP) and Work Order (WO) number shown on your contract. It will expedite your invoice if you also include the Project Manager’s name.


What safety considerations and permits pertain to my project?
Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department is a great resource for all aspects of site safety. EHS’s Occupational and Environmental Hygiene page discusses considerations for Asbestos, Confined Space/Trench Permitting, Air Monitoring, and more.
Authority/Action Flow by Total Project Cost Thresholds
This diagram depicts the authority, designer solicitation, bidding guidance, and SCO involvement for different total project cost thresholds.
How does vendor/contractor campus parking work?
Designers who must be on campus regularly for an extended period of time should contact their Project Manager to see if they qualify for a vendor parking pass. Contractors and subcontractors working on campus should communicate directly with the UNC-Chapel Hill Facilities Services Construction Manager regarding project staging, storage, and parking access. PM’s and CM’s will communicate directly with Transportation and Parking regarding the project needs. Transportation and Parking assigns and approves all campus construction parking access needs. Visit our campus parking site, including maps.