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The following document includes the Design Guidelines for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The intent of these guidelines is to ensure quality and consistency in building and infrastructure design for the University. These guidelines are intended to provide general direction to design professionals in the preparation of construction documents for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These documents are not intended to relieve the designers and contractors from their professional responsibility to comply with applicable codes and standards or project specific requirements. These documents shall not replace the design development or system analysis, neither should they be used directly as specifications for projects. The most recent published version of the Design Guidelines shall be utilized for each project, and shall carry through the entire project development and completion. All recommendations and suggestions concerning the Guidelines should be directed to


Project Processes, Approvals, Agreements and Contracts

University-Wide Guidelines

(these sections typically refer to other sections)

Construction Phase Guidelines

Site Design

Site Utilities

Landscape Architecture

Building Envelope

Interior Design

Building Systems

Special Construction

Pre-Occupancy Guidelines

Guidelines Archive