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The Facilities Technology Group provides data and enterprise solutions that help the University community optimize the use of workplace resources, including the management of infrastructure and physical assets. Details about resources supported by this department are listed below.

Document Management System and Facilities Plan Room/Archives

The Space Management team maintains the database which catalogs all space used by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The data contains information for local users as well as data connected to state and national space standards. This data is used to produce cost and usage estimates for internal and external organizations including the North Carolina Commission on Higher Education, the UNC Office of Sponsored Research, APPA and other agencies.

The Plan Room serves as a repository for collecting and maintaining building information for the University. The archives hold record drawings, specification books, final reports, surveys, maps and other data about University buildings.

Space Planning and Occupancy Tracking System (SPOTS)

The Space Planning and Occupancy Tracking System (SPOTS) provides building and space data across the University. SPOTS is a database and web application that serves as the University’s canonical source to collect, maintain and report space and occupancy data for all buildings and rooms owned, occupied, or otherwise used by the University.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, analyzing, displaying and disseminating data. The GIS services includes a map gallery of curated maps, dashboards, and open data. The team works with departments to train staff, identify data needs and develop maps and applications for data collection and display.

Campus Maps

The online campus maps provide both a graphical view of all areas of campus as well as information about various resources and services available to all members of the University community and visitors to UNC-Chapel Hill. On-campus groups who wish to submit information to be included on the campus map should contact the Marketing and Communications team within the Finance and Operations Service Center of Excellence.

Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FCAP)

The Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) utilizes UNC-Chapel Hill’s professional in-house staff of architects and engineers to inspect, capture and catalog the information pertaining to the current state of the physical assets of the University. The asset information is routinely updated and maintained on a cloud-based database. Working in collaboration with other departments within Facilities Services, the FCAP team develops long- and short-term planning strategies and reports for capital improvement, repair and renovation, and deferred maintenance projects.

Design Review Checking System (DrChecks)

The Design Review Checking System (DrChecks) enables an actionable collaboration among the reviewers and design team of the capital improvement projects. This process allows project reviewers to enter their project review comments so that the design team may provide timely responses from a web browser into a database. The main function of DrChecks is to document and streamline the communication process between the University’s project reviewers and the design team. This process provides transparency and consistency by tracking the review comments to assure timely response and resolution.

All information is captured into a database and will remain in the system throughout the design and construction period and will be archived for future reference. Once the review period for a given phase of a project is ended, the designer(s) will respond to all comments. If a reviewer is not satisfied with the designer’s response, then the comment will remain open until it is resolved.