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This information supports and supplements information included in the UNC-Chapel Hill Design Guidelines—specifically, Chapter II: Construction Documents Submittal requirements, Chapter III: Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Chapter V: Sections 01606, 01505, and 02070.

When in doubt, always check the North Carolina Recyclable Markets Directory, which is a great site for searching by construction and demolition materials. Sponsored by the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA).

Recycling and Salvage Resources
Company Material Contact Phone Number Notes
Armstrong ceiling tile Janine Onufrak Rydin 888-234-5464 x8083 will visit building to assess tile
B&B Topsoil clean (unpainted) drywall scrap George Andrews 919-477-6328 no minimum quantity – call before coming
Cabins, Cottages, and Bungalows and the Building Supply Recycling Center deconstruction services; used building materials Chris Wachholz 919-304-2966 windows, architectural features, whole buildings
GreenCycle Materials (formerly International Aggregate) asphalt, plumbing fixtures, bricks, concrete blocks (no plastic tile) Mike Skubic 919-601-1041 dump yard is located at US 70 and I-85 in Durham
Habitat for Humanity (Wake) strips out, deconstruction Joel Lubell 919-833-1999 x231
Interface carpet Michel Belland 800-336-0225 x1334 will visit building to assess carpet (wants vinyl-backed)
Mellott Contractors & Supply Company, Inc top soil, concrete w/ metal (if thick enough), rock, and trees for mulch Calvin Mellott 919-967-2441
OK Sales big electrical switches, scrap metal Tim Griggs 336-227-1938 will visit building to bid
Orange County Landfill scrap metal, clean wood waste, white goods (refrigerants removed) Rob Taylor 919-932-2989 must be separated, no or reduced tip fee
Peters Design Works Sales, restoration and re-creation of antique and architectural materials. Steve Peters 919-599-0124 interested in architectural features
Strategic Materials They accept plate glass and will spot a rolloff. They also accept borosilicate glass. Dan Grassi
Plant Manager
919-596-9883 The fee depends on the quality and quantity. They will come and evaluate glass.
Sustainable Living whole buildings Brad Lessler 919-260-6647 moves houses

Permitted by Orange County (RRMO)

(Orange County Solid Waste Management)

Cardboard, clean wood waste, pallets and scrap metal are banned from Orange County Landfills and the mixed hauling of them is regulated. Options include separating materials on the jobsite for recycling and segregated disposal –or– utilizing an APPROVED material recovery facility that takes mixed waste and separates it for recycling. All haulers hauling the regulated materials (separated or mixed) must be licensed by Orange County. For a list of licensed haulers, contact Orange County Solid Waste Management Department at 919-968-2788.

Current Certified MRFs

421 Raleigh View Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Coble’s Sandrock
5833 Foster Store Rd.
Liberty, NC 27298

North Carolina


  • Institution Recycling Network – “We provide a single point of contact to handle everything related to recycling: planning, training, on-site management, hauling, and marketing the recycled materials. We assure that waste management fits seamlessly into the project. Recycling does not need to get in the way, slow the job down, or take up extra space. On the contrary, recycling makes for a safer and more productive work site.
  • Green Goat – “Green Goat, a non-profit, works with architects, contractors, and manufacturers to put used building materials back into other structures and even other industries. We save companies disposal costs through salvage and recycling, help them stay in compliance with regulations, and help them win new clients!”
  • CalRecycle
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Construction Codes and Standards
  • Oakland Recycles C&D Waste Management Forms

University Programs


  • BRE SmartWaste – “The BRE SMARTWaste System is a set of computer-based tools to help your company apply the concept of sustainable waste management. The system monitors construction and demolition wastes, monitors segregation targets, and calculates Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs). Through close links with SalvoMIE and BREMAP, the system also identifies opportunities for reuse and recycling and the location of suitable facilities for this.”
  • CIRIA (Formerly known as The Construction Industry Research and Information Association) – “The intention of this website is to encourage waste reduction and improved resource productivity in the building and civil engineering sectors.”

Recycled Content Building Materials and Products