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This information supports and supplements information included in the UNC-Chapel Hill Design Guidelines—specifically, Chapter II: Construction Documents Submittal requirements, Chapter III: Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Chapter V: Sections 01606, 01505, and 02070.

If the project is outside the University’s Development Plan a solid waste management plan may be required by Chapel Hill before the SUP and ZCP will be issued. Contact the Facilities Planning Office for more information on this requirement.

Solid Waste Management Plan

Worksheet and Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP)

The Draft SWMP is due 5 business days from notice to proceed and before any waste is removed from the job site.

The Final SWMP is due 5 business days from receipt of comments from OWRR review of the DRAFT SWMP and before any waste is removed from the job site.

Monthly Reporting

Weight tickets and monthly reports are due with payout materials at the end of each month.

Inventory and Salvage

Regulated Recyclable Material Ordinance (RRMO)

RRMO Summary (Prepared by Orange County)

RRMO Flyer

This handout provides a brief summary of the RRMO for contractors and their employees.

RRMO Hauling Application

Any truck hauling regulated materials in Orange County with a gross vehicle weight of 9,000 pounds or more must have a hauling license.
License Application (PDF Format) License Application (Word Format)

RRMP Recyclable Material Permit

If the project needs an Orange County zoning or building permit, a Recyclable Material Permit is required.
Recyclable Material Permit Application Recyclable Material Permit Application Guide