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The intent of Facilities Services’ procedures is to:

  • Support the University in the achievement of its mission and goals;
  • Guide Division actions, business processes and delivery of services;
  • Help ensure compliance with University rules and regulations, as well as compliance with government laws, regulations and requirements;
  • Reduce institutional risk;
  • Have long-term, uniform application.

These procedures are required actions and steps to be followed in order to carry out particular processes or to implement University policy. While it is not practical to develop a procedure for every situation, the need for a new procedure, or a review of an existing procedure, may be necessary to address frequently occurring matters or situations which are likely to occur. Please forward suggestions for new policies and procedures and changes to existing policies and procedures to Robyn Narvesen.

Facilities Services’ procedures are subject to regular review and updates. The latest revision date is noted on each document.

Visit a subject category below to see a list of relevant procedures. Facilities Services’ employees who have questions or need assistance with interpretation or applicability of any procedure may contact the person listed on the document. For personnel policies, contact the Facilities Services Human Resources Director at 919-962-9060.