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The University, State, Orange County and Chapel Hill are committed to reducing waste and the use of landfills. Waste reduction and recycling practices are not limited to routine day-to-day functions and events on campus; they also apply to construction and renovation activities.  Construction waste management practices include deconstruction, reuse, salvage, recycling and disposal.

Contractors are required to develop their waste management plan jointly with the University Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR). OWRR can direct contractors to local markets for recyclable materials. Orange County has an ordinance that requires the recycling of certain C&D materials. The Orange County Regulated Recyclable Materials Ordinance bans corrugated cardboard, pallets, clean wood (that is wood that has not been painted or treated) and scrap metal from county landfills. It also regulates the hauling of these materials.  Waste haulers must obtain a license from the Orange County Solid Waste Office. The ordinance further states that construction and demolition projects must have a waste management plan in place and that these requirements will be enforced. The solid waste management plan submitted to OWRR fulfills this requirement and cannot be omitted.  For more information about construction waste management on campus, visit OWRR Design Guidelines.