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UNC-Chapel Hill abides by G.S. 143-128.2 which has a verifiable 10% goal for participation by minority or socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in the total value of work for each State building project.

Minority is defined as a citizen or lawful permanent resident of U.S. who is Black, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian or female. Socially and economically disadvantaged person is defined by 15 U.S.C 637.

To be considered toward the statutory goal of 10%, minority businesses must be certified with the State HUB Office.

Designers, contractors and subcontractors are reminded to carefully read the State Minority Guidelines and forms that are in the specifications. Each has responsibilities outlined within.

Submit With Your Bid (ALL Construction Contracts)

  • Identification of HUB Certified/Minority Business Participation Form (sample form). If this form is not submitted with the bid package than the bid shall be deemed non-responsive.
  • Either:
    • State of NC Affidavit A (sample Affidavit A) – Listing of Good Faith Efforts (must total 50 points for bid to be considered responsive), or
    • State of NC Affidavit B (sample Affidavit B) – Intent to Perform Contract with Own Workforce
If the Identification of HUB Businesses Form and Affidavit A or Affidavit B are not submitted with the bid, then the bid shall be deemed non-responsive.

After the bid, upon being named the apparent lowest responsible, responsive bidder, provide one of the following:

  • State of NC Affidavit C (sample Affidavit C) – Portion of the Work to be Performed by HUB Certified/Minority Businesses provide within 72 hours if the work to be executed by HUB firms is equal to or greater than 10% of bidder’s total contract price, or
  • State of NC Affidavit D (sample Affidavit D) – Good Faith Efforts provide if work to be executed by HUB firms is less than 10% of bidder’s total contract price. All evidentiary documents to prove Good Faith Efforts as outlined in paragraphs A-I on the form must also be provided.

During construction, contractor will submit with each pay application UNC-Chapel Hill Appendix E.

For any specific questions regarding HUB guidelines or forms, please contact Tanya Vogel at or 919-843-1424.