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Office Staff

Olivia Gambocarto
Waste Diversion Coordinator

Olivia joined the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) team in October 2017 as a Waste Diversion Coordinator. She is responsible for managing and growing the compost program for campus, supporting waste diversion in the University’s multifamily units, as well as expanding Rameses Recycles and other athletic sustainability efforts. Olivia is a graduate of the University of Buffalo where she focused on environmental studies, medical anthropology and studio art. Prior to her work at the University, Olivia spent three years in Maine working for both the University of Maine as the Sustainability Outreach Coordinator and as an AmeriCorps member at multiple locations.

Kelli MaturanoKelli Maturano
Waste Diversion Coordinator

Kelli joined the OWRR team in October 2021 as a Waste Diversion Coordinator. She is responsible for managing the indoor recycling program, conducting training for students and staff, and coordinating with key departments to promote recycling on campus. Kelli is a graduate from Appalachian State University where she studied Sustainable Development. Prior to working for UNC-Chapel Hill, Kelli was a recycling coordinator at a private university in Virginia.

Terri WhiteTerri White
Program Assistant

Terri came to OWRR from Green For Life (GFL) and worked in waste management for five years before joining our team. She is experienced in the operations and customer service aspect of waste management. She is responsible for program billing and customer service.

Campus Crew

Henry AlstonHenry Alston
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-1442 (Office)
984-234-2195 (Cell)

Henry started working for OWRR in October 2018. Prior to that, Henry worked for University Housekeeping for six years. Henry is a proud Tar Heel.

Chris BurnetteChris Burnette
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-1442 (Office)
984-234-9804 (Cell)

Chris worked for Housing and Residential Education for eight years before joining us in OWRR. He started working for OWRR in September, 2015. Chris’s responsibilities include servicing and setting up indoor recycling sites, and making sure that our recycling sites are clean and safe for public use.

Shawn EllisShawn Ellis
Operations Supervisor
919-962-7175 (Office)
919-201-2832 (Cell)

Shawn has been with OWRR since November 2010. Prior to joining OWRR, Shawn was an ASE-certified automotive technician for ten years. Shawn is also a state-certified medical responder and volunteer firefighter. Shawn is one of our Material Recovery Specialists and Recycling Technicians, responsible for picking up confidential paper from departments on campus, emptying walkway recycling sites, maintaining and repairing dumpsters and compactors, monitoring dumpsters for regulated materials, and making sure that the areas around the recycling carts and dumpsters are clean and safe.

Hayden WilsonHayden Wilson
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-7175 (Office)
984-234-9803 (Cell)

Hayden is a graduate of the NC State Agriculture Institute.  He gained experience and knowledge of solid waste practices and handling recyclables while working at the Alamance County Landfill for 3 years.