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DIY - Do it yourself.

The Importance of do-it-yourself

Did you know that the garbage from fast food restaurants make up 50% of street waste? By making your own food you can reduce waste from restaurants like Styrofoam take-out containers and leftover food! Though remember when you are grocery shopping to purchase products in bulk to reduce waste from packaging. Help reduce shopping waste by using a reusable bag, making your own granola or trail mix, and making crafts out of recycled materials!

What could my program look like?

  • Host a relaxing DIY beauty event for your residents. Make face masks, lip scrubs, and other fun beauty products!
  • Help your residents get a jump start on spring cleaning by teaching your residents how to make natural cleaners.
  • Hold an event for your residents to make their own Valentine’s cards and gifts for their loved ones!
  • Teach your residents how to make homemade granola to use for DIY trail mixes!
  • Did you know that most toothpaste containers aren’t recyclable? Teach your residents how to make their own toothpaste while discussing steps towards waste reduction with everyday products!

Some easy to make DIY products

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