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Bell Tower Boxwood Removal
Bell Tower Boxwood Removal

A landscape improvements project will begin at the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower Monday, Feb. 11, and is expected to be completed this summer. The project will improve what is currently an underutilized historic area of campus by removing the majority of the boxwood hedges that surround the Bell Tower.

The area around the Bell Tower currently functions more as a pass-through space than as a destination. The boxwoods mask the base of the Bell Tower, limit views and generate safety concerns. The lawn areas between the walkways are isolated and confined and not conducive to use by the campus community. Removing the boxwoods will resolve these issues and improve visibility and pedestrian safety, create a more usable campus green space and encourage use of this area for University events.

The project will be completed in phases and will include the removal of most of the boxwood hedges other than the outermost back row. The area will be regraded to ensure proper drainage, irrigation will be installed, and the brick gutters lining the walkways will be removed and filled. Metal bollards will be installed along the South Road sidewalk to prevent vehicles from entering the area and permanent sod will be installed this summer. All boxwoods and other yard waste removed during the project will be recycled and used as mulch on campus.

Project Schedule

  • Mid-February: Entire Bell Tower area will be closed for boxwood removal, regrading and irrigation installation, and lawn areas will be temporarily seeded. Brick work and bollard installation will begin.
  • Mid-March: Walkways will reopen to pedestrian access; lawn areas will remain closed and off limits.
  • Mid-April: Entire area will be reopened for use.
  • Mid-May through July: The lawn areas surrounding the Bell Tower will be closed while permanent sod is installed.

For questions about this project, contact Stephanie Berrier, communications manager for Facilities Services, at

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