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Student carrying residence hall furnishingsIf you are cleaning out or moving out of your campus residence hall or apartment at the end of this semester, here are some tips and resources for disposing of items you no longer need while limiting the amount of waste going to landfills:


Bottles, cans, mixed paper (including newspapers, envelopes, junk mail, class notes, cereal boxes and magazines), and corrugated cardboard can be recycled at all residence hall dumpster stations.

Plastic bags can be recycled at the Student Union recycling station, at residence hall community offices or at your local grocery store. Plastic bags should NOT be placed in other campus recycling receptacles.

Furniture and household items

Furniture, small appliances and other household items that are in good condition can be offered for reuse at “Salvage Sheds” located at four of the Solid Waste Convenience Centers in Orange County. The closest to campus is the Eubanks Road Waste and Recycling Center at 1514 Eubanks Road.

Also consider donating reusable furniture, household items, clothing and other items to a local thrift store, charity or donation center.


Food waste can be composted at all residence hall dumpster stations or at the Carolina Community Garden. Food waste and food-related paper waste drop-offs are also available at the Eubanks Road Waste and Recycling Center.

Unopened cans and boxes of nonperishable food items can be donated to local food pantries and charities.

For information on recycling or disposal of other materials, such as batteries, paint, electronics and packing materials, visit the Orange County A-Z Recycle Guide.

For questions about campus recycling programs, contact The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at 919-962-1442 or Visit the Orange County Solid Waste Management website for contact information and convenience center hours and locations.

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