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Students moving out of campus residence halls should use the following guidelines for disposing of items you no longer need while limiting the amount of waste going to landfills:


Donation stations are not available for this move-out period. Please take furniture, clothing and other items you wish to donate home with you and share with your local community. Items that are not reusable or cannot be transported should be placed in trash dumpsters and rolloffs.


Place all trash, carpets, and unwanted furniture and appliances in residence hall trash dumpsters and rolloffs.


Place all bottles, cans, paper and other recyclables in the blue recycling carts. Flatten cardboard and place in blue cardboard dumpsters.

Plastic bags should NOT be placed in campus recycling receptacles.


Place unpackaged perishable food and other food waste in residence hall compost carts.

For questions about campus recycling, contact the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at 919-962-1442 or

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