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JUNE 30, 2021 UPDATE: There is an ongoing shortage of rental cars across the United States. University travelers are encouraged to book rental car needs as far in advance as possible for better availability.

University faculty and staff needing short-term vehicle rentals utilize Enterprise Rent-a-Car, an approved vendor with the State of North Carolina. Enterprise offers competitive rates, the newest makes and models of vehicles, and inclusive auto coverage.

Fleet Services manages the University’s relationship with the N.C. Motor Fleet Management Division and provides administrative support for vehicles assigned to the University and its staff.

Making Reservations

University employees who need a motor vehicle to perform official University business may reserve an Enterprise vehicle through To request an account, email A unique registration link and account approval will be issued by EHIDirect via email. Departments that do a high volume of vehicle rentals can request administrative access to the system that will allow them to add individual users as needed.

For instructions on placing a vehicle reservation, see the Enterprise EHIDirect User Guide.
For questions or assistance with using EHIDirect, contact the EHI Direct Help Desk at 855-573-0012.

You will be asked to provide the following information when making a reservation:

  • Departure and return dates and times
  • Renter’s age (if under 25)
  • Department contact information
  • UNC PID number
  • Driver’s name
  • Six-digit Department ID number
  • Departmental reference (optional)

Faculty and staff should review the travel policy guidelines and use the most efficient and cost effective travel options for you and your department. Using a rental vehicle is often less expensive than using a personal vehicle, and insurance is included in all Enterprise reservations. For information regarding reimbursement for travel expenses, please reference the Transportation Expenses policy.

Vehicles and Rates

The current vehicle rental rates are charged by the day, with weekly and monthly discounts. Vehicle rates vary according to the size and type of vehicle rented. All Enterprise business rentals include insurance; tax and licensing fees and fuel expenses are not included.

Vehicles and Rates (Effective Feb. 1, 2020)
Class Daily Rate Airport One-Way Daily Rate
Economy/Compact $33.00 $83.00
Intermediate/Standard $34.75 $83.00
Full Size $37.50 $83.00
Premium $82.00 $129.00
Minivan $65.00 $145.00
Midsize/Standard SUV $62.00 $145.00
Full Size/Premium SUV $86.00 $165.00
Small Pick-up Truck $70.00 $145.00
Large Pick-up Truck $75.00 N/A
Compact/Intermediate Hybrid $49.00 $129.00
Full Size Hybrid $54.00 $129.00
Jeep/Crossover $65.00 N/A
Convertible $82.00 N/A
12 Passenger Van $122.00 N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the rental service billed to my department?
During the reservation process you will enter the six-digit Department ID number to be billed, as well as a departmental reference. This information will be used to process the charge via CBM, where your business office can update the chart string via the Modify Charges screen. Departments will receive billing on a weekly basis.
Where is the closest Enterprise facility?
The closest Enterprise rental location is located at 1400 E. Franklin Street. To reach the Chapel Hill Enterprise office, call 919-967-5128; when the line picks up, press the * key to avoid being transferred to another office or the national call center.
What are the Enterprise hours of operation?
Hours of operation vary by location; please inquire directly with the branch you are renting from for their specific hours. The Franklin Street location is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Where can I park my personal vehicle when picking up a rental at the Franklin Street Enterprise location?
We have designated parking spots at University Place where you may leave your personal vehicle if needed, and can provide transportation to and from the lot to the facility. (Due to lot constraints we do not have room for customer parking onsite.) Rental vehicles should be picked up and dropped off at the rental office during business hours; after hours you may leave the rental vehicle in the University Place overflow lot and drop the keys in the office drop box.
How do I arrange for Enterprise pickup services?
Enterprise can pick you up at your home or office; simply call the branch at which you have placed your reservation and let them know what time you would like to be picked up. When you return your vehicle, Enterprise will provide you with a ride back to your home or office. There is no additional charge for this service. Please note that each branch serves a 5-10 mile radius, so confirm that you are within the branch territory when you make your reservation. The Franklin Street Branch phone number is 919-967-5128.
Can I return my vehicle after hours?
Enterprise has drop boxes where you can leave the keys for after hours return.
What form of ID do I need when I pick up my vehicle?
You will need to present your driver’s license and UNC One Card.
Are there age requirements for renting a vehicle?
All staff who are 18 or older may rent all vehicle types, with the exception of 12-passenger vans which are restricted to staff 21 and older.
Is insurance included in the rental?
All vehicles are insured either by Enterprise or by the State of North Carolina. You do not need to purchase additional coverage from Enterprise for business rentals. If an accident occurs while using an Enterprise vehicle, notify them when returning the vehicle and they will handle internally.
If I cancel my reservation will I be charged a cancellation fee?
No, but please notify your Enterprise location out of courtesy.
Can I reserve a specific make and model?
You can reserve vehicles of a particular class and size. If you have a special request, please call Enterprise and they will try to accommodate your request if possible.
Can I reserve a 15 passenger van?
UNC Risk Management recommends the use of 8 to 12 passenger vehicles if possible as they are insured under the state contract with Enterprise. If a 15 passenger van is required, it will be insured under the state’s policy with Travelers. If an accident occurs during the use of a 15 passenger van, please complete the 1403.1.1f Auto Loss Notice form and submit to Janet Hoernke within 24 hours. She will report the incident to Travelers for their investigation and handling. For more information regarding the reporting of automobile accidents, see the University’s Policy on Automobile Accidents and Damage.
How do I pay for fuel for my rental vehicle?
Enterprise Rent-a-Car guarantees that your rental vehicle will have a minimum of ¼ of a tank upon pickup. Customers have three options for paying for fuel:

  1. Refill the tank yourself to the level at which you received it. Submit fuel receipts to your department and request an expense reimbursement. (This is the most commonly used fuel payment method.)
  2. Prepay for the fuel in the tank at a discounted rate per gallon (calculated once a car is attached to the rental contract); fuel charges will be added to your Enterprise billing. If you do not use the amount in the tank, there are no adjustments or refunds for unused fuel. This payment method is only advantageous if you plan on using what is in the tank.
  3. Post pay for the number of gallons used at a mark-up price and charges will be included in your Enterprise billing. This method is often considered when paying for only a few gallons of fuel and you do not want to expense an additional receipt to the University.

Enterprise representatives are always available to discuss what options will work best for you and your travel plans.

How do I pay for toll roads?
If you use a toll road while using your Enterprise rental vehicle, a toll invoice will be sent to the driver’s home address approximately 30 days later. Toll fees cannot be charged to the Enterprise account and will need to be paid by the driver, who can then request an expense reimbursement through his/her department.