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The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) promotes comprehensive waste reduction practices and provides effective solid waste services including recycling, composting and trash disposal.

The costs for recycling services are typically covered under general building maintenance or special waste handling fees. In addition to regularly scheduled building recycling service and pickup, additional services may be requested:

  • Confidential paper pickup
  • Emptying of full recycling bins
  • Addition or removal of permanent indoor recycling sites
  • Temporary bin request (for file purges and office cleanouts)
  • Temporary bin removal (when cleanouts are completed)
  • Emptying of a full trash or cardboard dumpster outside your building
  • Delivering and servicing a rolloff for your building’s project needs

To request new or additional recycling service or to schedule a recycling pickup, please call OWRR at 919-962-1442 at or submit a Recycling Request.

For more information about what materials can and cannot be recycled on campus, visit What Can I Recycle.