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Service StationThe University Service Station, operated by Fleet Services, is located in the Giles F. Horney Complex on Airport Drive. University vehicles are to be serviced (lubrication and oil change) every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever occurs first. Standard service also includes tire rotation and a safety check to supplement the annual State-required safety inspection. Services provided by the Service Station include:

  • Front end alignment
  • Lubrication and oil change
  • Major and minor engine tuneup
  • Alternator and starter repair
  • Electrical and lighting repair
  • Muffler and tail pipe repair
  • Tire repair or replacement
  • Antifreeze service and cooling system repair
  • State inspection service
  • Local road service for stalled vehicles
  • Chains installation

Major repairs such as engine or transmission replacements are done by the Service Station with an estimate provided to the customer before the work is done. The Service Station does not do body work but can arrange for it to be performed by a local vendor.

The fueling site offers E85 fuel and regular gasoline, which can be accessed 24 hours a day. A self-service car wash is available for employees to wash their vehicles, and we provide glass cleaner, rags and vacuum cleaners.

To request services, please call customer service at 919-962-3456 or submit a work request.