Facilities Planning and Design is comprised of design professionals who are responsible for planning, design and management of all capital improvement projects. This includes new buildings, repairs and renovation of existing buildings, major campus infrastructure, interior design, open space improvements and preservation of historic properties. Facilities Planning and Design ensures that the projects adhere to the principles of adapted land use plan and campus development.

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Evan Yassky
Executive Director and
Assistant University Architect

Mark Pickard
Administrative Support

Organization Chart

Planning and Design Services

  • Project Management – Provide project management services for the University’s Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Design Services – Provide design services for Informal Projects including renovations and exterior building improvements.
  • Interior Design Services – Provide design and procurement services for new furniture and interior renovations.
  • Land Use Planning – Lead the planning effort to create a campus environment that supports the University’s mission through campus master planning, development plans and agreements.
  • Space Programming and Planning – Provide evaluation of space needs and planning for capital projects.
  • Community Coordination – Assure that community concerns are addressed through adherence to all zoning regulations, permit requirements and development agreements.
  • Historic Property – Identify, evaluate and protect the University’s historic property.