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Planning and Design is comprised of design professionals who are responsible for planning, design and management of all capital improvement projects; campus master planning; and mapping and geographical information.

Planning and Design Services

  • Project Management – Provide planning and project management services for the University’s capital improvement projects.
  • Design Services – Provide design services for informal projects including renovations and exterior building improvements.
  • Interior Design Services – Provide design and procurement services for new furniture and interior renovations.
  • Land Use Planning – Lead the planning effort to create a campus environment that supports the University’s mission through campus master planning, development plans and agreements.
  • Space Programming and Planning – Provide evaluation of space needs and planning for capital projects.
  • Community Coordination – Assure that community concerns are addressed through adherence to all zoning regulations, permit requirements and development agreements.
  • Historic Property – Identify, evaluate and protect the University’s historic property.
  • Information Services – Support the University’s mapping and geographical systems.

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Evan Yassky
Executive Director and
University Architect

Wendie Morris
Administrative Support

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